12 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring


12 Tips for Buying an Engagement ring

Getting your partner an engagement ring is the hallmark of your love for them. It shows commitment and desire to have a lasting relationship together. 

What's the best way to go about this critical decision? Keep reading to find out what to consider when buying that important ring. 

Tip #1: Your partner’s lifestyle

Getting your partner an engagement ring means that they will be wearing it for a lifetime. Thus, it has to match their lifestyle for them to be comfortable in it.

Tip #2: Your budget

Each engagement ring comes at a varied cost. Thus, you need to know the amount of money you are willing to spend on this. Do not overblow your budget, but neither should it be too cheap that it diminishes how much you value your partner. It's not about the money but the gesture.

Tip #3: Partner’s ring size

Ring size may seem like a small detail until you get a ring that's either too large or does not fit. Avoid disappointment by secretly getting your partner’s ring size so that you can buy them a fitting engagement ring.

Tip #4: Possibility of getting a warranty

As you invest in that expensive engagement ring, you may want to consider whether or not it comes with a warranty. That safeguards you in the event of a loss. If there is a warranty, make sure that you understand its terms.

Tip #5: The 4 C’s

Consider clarity, color, carat, and cut when buying a diamond engagement ring. 

The 4Cs help gauge the quality of your ring.

Tip #6: Engagement ring shape and cutting style

You can cut engagement ring into different shapes and styles. 

Shape implies how you view the ring face up, while the cutting style entails an arrangement of the diamond facets. 

Tip #7: Selecting the side stones

Side stones equate to dressing up your engagement ring. Creatively choose them to bring out the desired elegance and sophistication. 

Tip #8: Preferred gemstone

When deciding on what gemstone your engagement ring should have, the diamond becomes the most common reference point. That is understandable because it is the most rigid material known to man. However, you have other options like rubies and sapphires, whose degree of hardness is second to diamond.

Tip #9: Metal band

Whereas you get an engagement ring by looking at the gemstone, the metal band is equally important because it holds the stone in place. Most people go for white gold or yellow gold metal bands. Other options worth considering include palladium, titanium, and rose gold.

Tip #10: Gemstone setting

Choosing the gemstone setting should concern you because it highlights your diamond ring's beauty and protects it from getting damaged. Some gemstone settings to consider include prong, halo, and bezel.

Tip #11: Personal message 

Consider whether or not you want to add a personal message to the engagement ring. When doing this, the engraving should not be too exposed. Most people who go for this option prefer concealing it inside of the ring.

Tip #12: Can the ring be returned?

Sometimes you may get a ring, but your partner isn't happy about it. Confirm from the jewelry shop whether they have a return policy.